An Anniversary of Sorts

I like numbers that are divisible by five for some reason. I spent five years in undergraduate, my wife and I married five years from our first date, and five years ago this month I sold my car for good to my friend Kristopher. My wife and I have been a car-lite family, and I’ve been a dedicated public transportation rider, ever since. For the bulk of those five years, I occasionally took a spin on my decades-old, left-over-from-my-high-school-days 10-speed bike. But all that changed back in the spring when I upgraded to a hybrid and started adding bike commutes, quick runs to the grocery store and library by bike, and so on. I’ve lost 15 lbs in that time (also divisible by five) and have started a deep love affair with my Giant bicycle. This is all just to say that if a once car-loving, fast-food-eating, devout sf geek can cut down the use of a car to just a couple of times a month, anyone can. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology. But technology is an instrument that can be used for good or bad, and we’ve made four-wheel, high-powered transportation into an insane energy whore. A bicycle is still the most efficient form of transportation, and I love efficiency.

4 responses to “An Anniversary of Sorts

  1. What model Giant do you ride, Jay? Does customvandriver have one too?

  2. I ride one of the Cyprus models. Custom van Driver drives a little black Trek with a bell on it. She’s working towards commuting to work on it once or twice a week. That does my heart good. Are you and Mrs. Suave thinking of getting bikes to tool around Maine on?

  3. Ooh, Jason, you should post a picture of your *actual* bike. It’s so very pretty. You should give everyone the chance to lust after it.

  4. But it’s shy.