Katy Trail Photos

Mrs. Jason and I recently took a biking trip along the Katy Trail. I wish we had had more time. And, of course, Amtrak was late picking us up. 2 hours! How is that possible for a train that just goes back and forth between Kansas City and St. Louis all day? And this was the first train of the day.

It was supposed to rain all week, but somehow we missed it

The scenery changes often along the way: bluffs, forests, farmland, river’s edge.

There were a lot of cats that came out to greet us. Go figure. This was a particularly lovable one. He had also clearly been in a fight recently–scratches, missing fur, and a screwed up right ear.

Our favorite rest stop was in Defiance at Katy Bike Rental–lots of candy, ice cream, snacks, sodas, antiques, and bike stuff.

I’d also recommend Apple Gate Inn in Augusta if you need a place to stay while on the Katy or after drinking too much at the wineries. I could barely get on my bike after breakfast I was so full of yummy goodness!


One response to “Katy Trail Photos

  1. that cat was such a tough little sweetheart (note to all: jason has a way with cats and with cameras!)is it time to go back? i’m ready!among other things, i am grateful to the sauna room (ah) and to the wind. we cursed it quite often (mother-!#$@#$ wind!) because it was incredibly strong, especially out on the fields; yet it blew the storm clouds ahead north of the trail (and out of our way).

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