Don’t Tell My Coworkers

As a bookseller, I’m supposed to hate Amazon’s Kindle and the rest of its electronic brothers. In reality, I find it incredibly intriguing. Now I don’t have the 400 bucks to spend on one, and I don’t really like the fact that its features are only in black and white. But it marks a major step forward in the creation of a viable electronic book reader, and I find that exciting. I’m all set for a small portable machine that contains a library worth of material in it. Less paper, less waste. More memory, more flexibility. I’m also ready for color graphics and what will come quickly thereafter…music, movies, and word processing wrapped together with e-book technology, internet access, and phone capabilities. That would will blow my mind. It’s just around the corner.


One response to “Don’t Tell My Coworkers

  1. That’s IT! You’re fired!

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