El Clásico de Otoño : Spanish Baseball Vocabulary


¡Odio a los Yankees! However, watching them win last night got me looking around for baseball terms en español. It’s not like you can…you know…stick el or la in front of any old English word and just think it will fly. El béisbol is a world game after all! Here’s a few that I like.

dogao : dugout

lanzador(a) : pitcher

receptor(a) : catcher

bateador(a) : batter

bateador oportuno : clutch hitter (also called a “Pujols“)

bateador peligroso : dangerous hitter (oddly also called a “Pujols”)

bateador designado : designated hitter

novato : rookie

(el) bate de corcho : corked bat

recta alta : high fastball

bola de nudillos : knuckleball

(el) tirabuzón : screwball

Clásico de Otoño : World Series

carta de libertad : free agency

negociación colectiva entre sindicatos y patronal : collective bargaining

The Baseball Hall of Fame also has a large file of terms compiled by Ralph Insinga here that is available for download.


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