Pecsi for the People


Bob Mondello had a piece on NPR earlier in the year about how Argentinians, particularly porteños, call Pepsi “Pecsi.” I’m sure I don’t have the linguistic chops to decipher how that came about.  But I did asked my wife about it. She spent some time at the Universidad de Mendoza in the 90s, but the Pecsi issue was (humorous) news to her. Nevertheless, Pepsi has given into the people of Buenos Aires and now have a Pecsi branding campaign in the country. No word yet on how soft drink companies plan to deal with the soda vs. pop debate here in the intersection of Illinois and Missouri.


2 responses to “Pecsi for the People

  1. What an interesting marketing approach… I mean seriously, taking a product that’s more than 100 years old and changing the name for one (relatively) small group of people?! How funny! I love it. AND, for the record – I prefer Coke and soda!

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