me gusta el fútbol, me gustas tú


I’m sure you’re aware that football, fútbol, soccer, whatever is the most popular sport in the world. And the most popular football spectacle is the World Cup (Copa Mundial), which wraps up qualification this week for the 2010 tournament. Latin American teams always compete well in the tournament, and Spain has fielded one of the best, if not the best, team in the world over the last couple years. Six teams from Spanish-speaking countries have already qualified (Spain, Paraguay, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Honduras), and one more will join them on November 18th–either Costa Rica or Uruguay. So it’s time to start studying your fútbol vocabulary because every time a non-European country hosts the tournament (South Africa hosts in 2010), a South American team has won. Unfortunately, it’s usually Brazil.

el balón : ball :: el campo : field/pitch :: el/la futbolista : football/soccer player

el jugador/la jugadora : player :: el espectador/la espectadora : spectator

el/la hincha : fan :: el árbitro : referee :: ciego : blind

¡Este árbitro está ciego! : This referee is blind!


More to come…


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