Sol y viento Lección 3 : La Familia

If you’re lucky enough to be using Sol y viento as a coursebook, you might be around lesson 3 right now, just as my class is…if we actually used the textbook. Instead, our class uses Sol y viento as an incredibly expensive paperweight for all the handouts our instructor gives out. Nonetheless, some brave souls like me use the textbook for learning on our own. And we’re on lección 3, which is all about the family.

Bart, Lisa y Maggie son los hijos de Homer y Marge. Ling es la prima de Bart, Lisa y Maggie. Selma y Patty son las hermanas de Marge. Selma y Patty son las cuñadas de Homer. Santa’s Little Helper es el perro de la familia. You get the picture. (11/30/09 update: Here’s a list of la familia vocabulary.)

Out of boredom, I went tooling around to find some videos that illustrate family words in Spanish. Some of them are good, and some of them are really bad. Señor Jordan, who teaches high school Spanish right here in Missouri, always has good videos about these sorts of things. So I was sure to check him out first.

Pretty sweet and helpful. But that didn’t stop me from continuing to look, which landed me with the always inventive Professor Jason (also from Missouri), who gives us a few more sentences to build upon the work Señor Jordan was doing. (How did my state come to be a hotbed of Spanish video blogging?)

But I wasn’t happy until I found something awful. And I did. The following makes my soul hurt for whatever primary-colored plastic cow was sacrificed to make this chica‘s skirt.


5 responses to “Sol y viento Lección 3 : La Familia

  1. I must admit I HAD to watch the girl with the skirt and I LOVED it. I thought of you when we saw this Wiggles song this morning – I think it’s about the same quality as La Familia…

  2. Ensalada de fruta fresca, ensalada de fruta fresca, ensalada de fruta fesca…

    That’s actually pretty catchy. Thanks!

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  4. Well I’m glad my video could be of use to you! ¡El mundo es un pañuelo! Es decir “small world!” 😉

  5. Sandra wapetona