Elephant Ballerinas, Crabby Ducks, and Sleepy Birds : The World of Pocoyo

Just because the excellent Pocoyo kid’s show wasn’t around when I was young doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it now. It’s wonderful! Beautiful 3-D animation, great writing, and a whole lot of creativity go into each program. The short episodes (about 6-10 minutes each) feature an amazingly imaginative kid named Pocoyo, who wears a sweet blue outfit and loves to dance. His friends include a grouchy duck named Pato, a graceful elephant named Elly, and his dog Loula. All of them love to dance and play, except for their friend Pajaroto (or “Pájaro Dormilón”), a sleepy bird who sits on a nest all day snoozing. Best of all, if you watch the Spanish-language versions of the episodes, you’ll pick up new vocabulary quite quickly. So I suggest you watch. The following is Episode 31 from Season 1: Pocoyo fancies himself a superhero…who can super annoy his friends. Episodes are easily found on YouTube, the show’s website, Netflix, and the on-demand-video section of Spain’s public tv station TVE.


3 responses to “Elephant Ballerinas, Crabby Ducks, and Sleepy Birds : The World of Pocoyo

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