StoryCorps : Historias

Every Friday morning while I make breakfast StoryCorps is playing in the background. StoryCorps is an oral history project that documents a conversation between two people about something important in their lives: coming to America, raising children, traveling across the country, a particular summer, whatever. Typically I start by barely listening to the current week’s program, and then by the end the toast is burning and I’ve poured orange juice into the cereal instead of milk. Today’s feature was about a woman named Lucille Mascarenas telling her son about her tough relationship with his grandmother Candelaria, a Spanish-speaking farmer from New Mexico. Because of this episode, I found out that StoryCorps has a special collection of Latino/Hispanic stories in the archives called (por supesto) “Historias: Cuenta tu historia.” I guess I needed another time suck in my life. Thanks, St. Louis Public Radio.

Victor Mascarenas and his mother, Lucille.


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  1. nice–right up your alley!

    wife’s note: i burn the toast. (quemo la tostada.) you never burn toast! 🙂