Lost and Found : Spanish Grocery List

There was a cool book that came out a couple of years ago called Milk Eggs Vodka. It’s a collection of found grocery lists and what they say about the people who made them. Yesterday I had my own experience with a found grocery list, and amazingly—I’m not making this up—the list was in Spanish. It was casually resting on a stack of apples in my local Dierberg’s, and now I share it with you.

The first thing that struck me about it, other than the neat handwriting, is the use of peninsular Spanish vocabulary. Zumo (juice) would be jugo in Latin America, and patatas (potatoes) are called papas on this side of the Atlantic. I was also struck by number five on the list; it looks like “zanorias.” I assume the person was shopping for zanahorias (carrots), but perhaps not. And good luck finding calamares and chorizo in this particular store. It’s more of a plain-jane seafood and breakfast sausage kind of place. Anyway, I hope the person who left this behind wasn’t lost in the supermarket without it. On the flip side, it certainly brightened my day.


2 responses to “Lost and Found : Spanish Grocery List

  1. ooh, cool points about the vocab! i love the little check-boxes, how they grow less boxlike down the page. and not a single one checked–not even a vegetable! jeez, wonder what happened.

  2. Speaking of vegetables, isn’t it interesting that they are listed individually but fruits aren’t? Will any fruit do?

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