Sol y viento : Who are these people?

So you’re bored and the next semester of Spanish doesn’t start for another week or so. You could be reviewing all the Sol y viento lessons from last semester so you start 2010 off on the right foot. Maybe you could even go back and rewatch the previous episodes of the film *without subtitles* and really polish those Spanish skills. But if you’re me, you’ll just waste time googling around the internet to find out the goods on the actors from your textbook’s favorite didactic telenovela instead. Oh, glorious Friday with nothing to do…

Yup, that’s your favorite antropóloga and profesora, María Sánchez, throwing her weight around with a credit card and getting phone assistance from a crazy Muppet impersonator. While smooth Frank Lord—the actor who plays Jaime Talavera—can be a tough cat to track down on the internet, Sol y viento‘s María, Javiera Contador, is everywhere. Down in Chile, she’s a star of advertising, film, and tv, including her current gig as co-host of MEGA‘s Mucho Gusto with José Miguel Viñuela.

But my favorite thing about Contador, other than playing the good-souled María Sánchez, is what she also appears to be most known for in Chile, and that’s for playing Kena (sometimes spelled Quena) Gómez de Larraín on Casado con hijos: the Chilean remake of Married with Children. The following is a clip of Kena trying to channel her inner Shakira.

And here’s Wikipedia’s description of Contador’s character. Obviously it was produced by an android text translator.

Quena Gómez de Larraín (Javiera Contador): It is the careless mother of the family. It was Tito’s wife and mother of Nacho and Titi. Today carry 19 years of marriage in which Quena has never cooked, washed clothes or the house neat. Rather buy new clothes in liquidations that wash clothes you already have. Quena dresses with attractive colours, taken adjusted and low-cut shirts. She attracts young and attractive rates.

More on the rest of the Sol y viento cast to come.


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