New Day, New Text

After frustrations with my last teacher, I’ve moved to a college further away from where I live, in hopes of finding a more solid instructor. Yesterday was our first class, and I would say I’m optimistic. The sad thing about this situation is that my new teacher doesn’t use Sol y viento as his text. So I must say goodbye to the baby I carried for five months last year. However, since I own the film, I plan on sticking with María and Jaime’s story through the end—so no worries for you Sol y viento film fans. But my educational focus is now on ¡Arriba! Comunicación y cultura, which doesn’t seem significantly different from the old Sol y viento. There’s still a video component, and each chapter centers around a particular country and a song by one of its artists. I’m hoping that’s a novel idea in practice. We’ll see. Our instructor also requires that we do online work through My Spanish Lab—something that’s new for me. But I have to ask…why does Pearson Education have to promote this aspect of its course materials in such a boring and uninspired manner? The following video looks like an industrial safety video—something I’m unfortunately too familiar with. It’s 2010, folks!


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