Dulce de Crazy

When mi esposa got back to the US from studying in Argentina back in the late 90s, she spun wonderful tales of an exotic sweet treat called dulce de leche. At the time, I had never heard of the stuff. Now I feel like I can’t walk two feet without having a dulce-de-leche-flavored goodie in my face: ice cream, pudding, muffins, power bars, and even Girl Scout cookies!

Now I’m not complaining. I love the stuff! And if you’re one of the unlucky few who has yet to try it, I’ll let you know that it’s a milk-based product that has some similarities to caramel…but is so much better. Go try some! But what brought about this latest craze in the US? The whole thing reminds me just how derivative US product development can be. One hamburger place has mini-burgers…boom! they all do. One place serves extra-thin-crust pizza, tomorrow it’s everywhere. The same thing seems to have happened with dulce de leche. Who started this food fad? And does it really matter? While you ponder that, why not try making some on your own. Here’s a particularly quick and easy method…


One response to “Dulce de Crazy

  1. Followed the ridiculously simple directions from the video and added unsweetened chocolate afterwards, along with walnuts. Excellent!
    According to Wikipedia, some South Americans boil the can without puncturing the top. Sounds like a recipe for a condensed milk hand grenade…

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