Sol y viento (episodio 5) : Carlos cries, Jaime lies, and María flies

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Like a good stalker, Jaime catches up on María Sánchez’ life by reading the local paper, La Tribuna. So engrossed, he’s startled when she arrives, but he quickly gives her un remolino as a gift. Did someone say earlier that love is a whirlwind or something? Good thing Sol y viento is sticking hard to its metaphors.

On the funicular ride, Jaime tells María that she’s not una profesora típica because she takes learning outside of the classroom and the textbook. She agrees; she thinks professors should work for the people. She also agrees that she’s not the thick-glasses-and-formal-dress type (anteojos gruesos y vestidos formales) and that she’s way more interesting than Jaime, who sums up his existence as working for a company, playing the market, and running for exercise. (Yup, you’ve got a real winner there, María.)

Switching to Carlos..he comes pouting to mommy. Work is hard. Sis always gets to do whatever she wants. Waa, waa, waa. What if I sell the vineyard? But mom doesn’t like that idea. We worked hard for this land and nobody forced you to take over the business. Señora decides that the situation might require some outside help and she goes off to make an important phone call.

Meanwhile, the lovebirds decide to each other (tutear) and María finally gets to hear Jaime’s backstory. His parents were campesinos in California’s Central Valley, he’s worked in the wine business, and he’s been around grapes all his life. She says his family is like the Mapuches. (Is it me or someone a little obsessed with the Mapuches? I’m just saying…) And then she gives him a lesson in linguistics. Mapu = tierra. Che = gente. “People of the land.” But then Diego interrupts all the fun with a phone call—María has forgotten her obligations, and Jaime gets jealous of the young stud scholar. María soothes his ego with a kiss and a llámame. Jaime ends this otherwise perfect day by hanging up on good-old-boy Andy after lying about their phone connection.

I have the feeling sparks will fly, both good and bad, in episode 6.

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