Parques y Recreación

To the chagrin of the local cable company, I don’t watch much television. If it weren’t for DVDs and the occasional video game, I probably would have donated my ancient set long ago. However, I do enjoy watching Community these days, particularly because of Señor Chang.

But with that show on hiatus for a couple of weeks and with nothing else to do, I caught a bit of a show called Parks and Recreation last night instead. I noticed it because a. it takes place in my home state of Indiana and b. last night’s episode featured Amy Poehler’s parks director character welcoming government officials from her small Indiana town’s sister city in Venezuela. Like most tv comedies, I thought it was over the top. But SNL cast member Fred Armisen was hilarious as a Venezuelan parks official. Armisen’s mother, by the way, is actually of Venezuelan descent.

I planned on posting the Hulu video of the episode (“Sister City”) on here today, but I came to find out that it’s actually from last year and currently not available. But I did find this humorous clip on YouTube. In it, Armisen’s character witnesses “democracy” at a public parks meeting, and then he gives his assessment.


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