Por vs. para quizzes

We’ve got a big test over por and para tomorrow. Who knew that two little words could cause so many frustrations for a group of English speakers? I’ve been doing my part by investigating the web for useful quizzes, tests, and the like. But if you need a little bit of a refresher over the grammar itself, I’d point you to Gerald Erichsen or Barbara Kuczun Nelson. Of course, nothing beats just doing a bunch of practice sentences on your own…

*McGraw-Hill’s relatively easy quiz for ¿Qué tal? will get your Spanish energies flowing.

*Trinity’s test is also a good starter.

*By the time you try StudySpanish.com’s quiz, you should be on a roll.

*Give Barbara Kuczun Nelson’s test a try.

*One last one, and you should be good to go.


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