Intense Summer Spanish : ¡Dios mío!

I’ve been taking an intense Spanish course this summer, and I would have never guessed how much such a thing could kick one’s butt!

In a mere six weeks, we’re covering all the compound tenses, all the uses of the subjunctive mood, the future tense, and a heavy dose of the imperative mood. ¡Ay! Basically, we’re ransacking almost half of a textbook in daily increments of three hours during the course of a summer…it’s awesome! In the fall, since my cohort will have finished covering all the basic elements of Spanish grammar, we’ll be able to move on with more interesting tasks: reading short stories, watching films, giving speeches, and writing essays. You know…real Spanish! I can’t wait.

The extra speed and intensity has already forced the students in the class (including this dilettante) to think more and more in Spanish—there’s no time to translate in your head, just say it! After a blitz of present perfect and present perfect subjunctive work last week and the beginning of this one, we took our first test yesterday. Luckily, we’ve got a bit of a breather ahead for the next week or so: the rather simple future tense and the conditional. But considering that we have two heavy doses of new vocabulary each week, I have been left to wonder how much that part of the class will stick in my brain. I guess I’ll find out in August?


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