Sol y viento episodio 9 : Endings, beginnings, and the messy stuff in the middle

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And it all comes down to this…

At a meeting of the Toastmasters International—Chilean Wine Division—, doña Isabel welcomes her guests and shows off her friend don Paco, as well as Sol y viento’s nueva cosecha, which receives a resounding chorus of ums and ahs. A nosy guest interrupts the good feelings with a question. “What about the rumors that you’re selling the place?”

Isabel: Not in my lifetime, sister!

María brings the party back to life after that exchange by toasting the bright future of Sol y viento. This gets a big thumbs up from Mario, even though he has been put at the working-class version of the kid’s table—along with Traimaqueo and some drifter-looking hippie—, and he appears to be the only person at the tasting who doesn’t have a glass of wine?!?!

Then don Paco announces that he’s helped put together a distribution deal for Sol y viento in the United States. He also whispers to doña Isabel that the vineyard will be able to say adiós a las deudas because of it. And everyone is happy…except for María, who notices that her ex-boyfriend Jaime is standing across the table from her making faces. Um, creepy stalker?

The next morning the gals are going over the vineyards’ debts when don Paco shows up to reassure them that his business deal with the US distributor will get their family business out of debt. But he stresses to María that she’ll have to get more involved in the future.

María: But I don’t know jack about business.

Isabel: What about that norteamericano? Jaime?

Paco: Good idea. He quit his job recently and he has a deep background in wines and vineyards. I looked over his resume, and it’s pretty sweet.  Besides, it’s not like he tried to steal the land away from you through a shady business deal involving your now disappeared son and some monolithic power company in the US just a couple of days ago, right?

María: I’m out of here.

Jaime stalks tracks down María at her job site and asks for a chitchat. After beginning to piece together an “I’m sorry,” he gets flustered by María’s description of the situation (“So if I hadn’t been in the middle of all this, you would have continued the deal with Carlos?”) and the fact that they aren’t using anymore. When she relents on the pronoun, he also convinces her to take back the necklace he first bought for her back in episode 4. Mario really enjoys that. Hey, where did Mario come from?

Now that he’s buttered her up, Jaime confesses his affection for María. She denies knowing that he was hot for her, so he proves it with a kiss. But enough about love…let’s get down to business.

María: Mom and Paco think you should help run the place, at least until I’m up to speed with the business.

Jaime: What do you think?

María: I think they’re crazy…but probably right. You still have a lot to prove though, buster!

And the last words of Sol y viento are left for the Machi: “And that, kids, is how the earth—as well as a cheeky hombre who lost his connection to the land—was saved. But don’t forget the dumb-dumb who rejected Mother Earth! (Bad, Carlos. Bad.)”

Roll credits and let the feelings of accomplishment sink in.


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  1. i am a language 112.15 student this semester and i just today watched all the episodes. i had all my questions answered by watching these, and thank you for being so entertaining:D it made it a lot more fun to read and i actually enjoyed checking over my notes. i found the 6th episode to be the hardest though, and i noticed that it wasn’t on here. what i got from the book online and the film was that maria discovered jaime’s lies, dramatically gave back necklace, exit stage right. is that correct? anything else i should know about this episode? thanks soooo much

    • Thanks for creating this website and putting these summaries up here. It really helped me.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Maddie! And I’m glad you like the posts. Here’s the link to the video and my discussion on Episode 6:

    Have fun!

  3. Studying student

    Thank you so much for posting this!

  4. Thanks so much for this! It was an excellent (and humorous) review!

  5. Your summaries are so entertianing tjat I could not help but laugh along. I will have to read more of your entires.

  6. Thanks so much for these funny video breakdowns. It has helped me understand these videos so much better.

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  15. This was hilarious and incredibly helpful, thanks so much!

  16. MusclesGlasses

    Awesome. You’re doing so many college students such a huge favor. If you’re ever in Champagne I owe you a beer.

  17. Intermedio esp student

    Exam tomorrow on sol y viento. i now feel semi prepared. Gracias

  18. You are exceptional! Do you write books? Because if you can make Sol y Viento this funny I would like to read them. Favourite line: “At a meeting of the Toastmasters International—Chilean Wine Division…”

  19. Alexandria M.

    I’m glad I found this gem the day of my Spanish final! Your summary is extremely helpful and hiliarious!
    But I’m also sad that I found this the day of my Spanish final, because I wish I found your blog earlier!
    I’m gonna read through your other posts, just for fun. That and it’s a wonderful way to procrastinate studying for my boring subjects lol
    Favorite line: ” working-class version of the kid’s table”

  20. This saved me. Seriously. Sol y Viento no mas.