Comeback Kid

¡He vuelto! Lo prometo.

I had a challenging half year filled with some personal entanglements and chronic laziness, but I’m beginning this blog again in earnest. In addition to Spanish language tips, tricks, questions, and confusions I will continue writing about pop culture, film, and the lot. There will also be a couple of additions to this site…

1. I’m in graduate school right now, so I will be contributing pieces about my field of study (information science and learning technology), such as the future of libraries and the ways we find and use information.

2. I’ve merged another old blog of mine (100sf) with this one. Basically it’s an attempt on my part to read the 100 best science fiction novels of all time. It’s just a hobby of mine…and it seems like it will take me the rest of my life to accomplish. Ugh!


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