About Me (sobre mí)


I’ve been looking for direction in my life for years now, and I finally said screw it…I’ll just wear several hats at the same time. I’m a full-time library science student at the University of Missouri while also taking Spanish classes at a local college in St. Louis. In my spare time (?), I also tutor ESL/EFL students in St. Louis and do some freelance writing for a couple of national journals.

This blog mostly focuses on Spanish language tips and tricks, golden nuggets about the cultures of Spain and Latin America, and just about anything else that grabs my interest. In particular, I’ve merged an old blog I used to have about the 100 greatest science fiction novels ever written with this one—so additions on that topic will appear from time to time. And I’m sure the world of libraries and how we get information will creep in here and there, too.

Thanks for reading!

(I used to have a contact form, but it didn’t work very well. I should have some way to contact me directly back up here soon.)

8 responses to “About Me (sobre mí)

  1. I really like your blog! 🙂
    Even though my english skills are pretty basic, I’d gladly help you in your studies 🙂

    BTW, I read your wife studied on Universidad de Mendoza. I studied engineering there 😛

    Greetings from Mendoza, Argentina 😀

    Kou (http://sacipa.wordpress.com)

  2. ¡Muchas gracias y mucho gusto! Actually, your English seems to be very good, pero mi español…está mejorando. Thanks so much for reading!

  3. Oh, you’re welcome and nice to meey you too! I haven’t read anything wrong about your spelling nor grammar.
    You are doing really nice work. Keep it up! ;D

  4. You have a great blog! I just stumbled upon it today while looking for books en español.

    After taking two five-hour college courses in the early 1980s, I’m now trying to finally *really* learn Spanish.

    I have been doing “Rosetta Stone” on-and-off for about a year now (I’m currently in the middle of level two); I picked up one hour of college credit this past winter through myspanishteacher.com; and I have almost completed section one of the “Easy Spanish Reader”.

    I am also using “Spanish for Gringos” (level one); “Fútbol en acción”; “Fútbol americano en acción”; and “My First English/Spanish Dictionary of Sentences”. I have a couple of more traditional books, too, “Spanish Made Simple” and “501 Spanish Verbs”.

    I’m a huge San Diego Sockers indoor soccer (fútbol rápido) fan! In addition, I enjoy watching CONCACAF and MLS fútbol on the Spanish language channels.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences in this blog! ¡Excelente!

  5. Hello. I found your blog through a web search and I hope you can give me a little direction. I’m trying to locate a good-condition copy of Robert Heinlein’s “Citizen of the Galaxy” in the Spanish edition for a 12-year-old nephew in Colombia. I’ve been having a difficult time finding one and I thought that since you’re interested in SF literature and the Spanish language both, you might have some insight into how to locate this. You can reply to me via email at xxx@xxxxxxx.com. Thanks!

  6. (I masked your email so others couldn’t read it—particularly data miners.)

    Hi Doug (and anybody else out there book shopping),
    The best places I’ve found to buy used books online are abebooks.com, bookfinder.com, and alibris.com, though you can often find decent books on powells.com and amazon.com, too. Just checking abebooks, I put “Citizen of the Galaxy” in the title field and “Spanish” in the keyword field and found 2 hits for Spanish language editions of that particular Heinlein novel. So there are obviously copies floating around out there on the internet.

    Hope that helps. And ¡buena suerte!

  7. Just wanted to recommend http://www.learnalanguage.com as a resource for your “Spanish Language Resources” page: https://spanishdilettante.wordpress.com/. Thought this would be a good resource for your website visitors.


    Thomas Avril
    Website Patron

  8. Hello, I consider myself a newbie to Spanish but I am passionate about learning and conversing. Living in Texas gives me plenty of opportunities to practice! I am a retired nurse, grandma, and have traveled all over the world. Everytime we are in a Spanish-speaking country, I regret not being able to communicate. I am constantly finding valuable resources on the web. I just found your site and look forward to future posts. Good luck on your endeavors!

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