Sol y Viento Prólogo (con subtitulos en español)

In theory, the textbook for the Spanish class I’m taking is Sol y Viento, a book that’s meant to be used in concert with a film of the same name. The pedagogic idea is that the film introduces native speech patterns, grammar, and vocabulary to the student while the textbook itself provides drills, charts, vocab lists, and all the other stuff you expect from the primary source material in a foreign language class. The problem with this idea, at least in terms of dollars spent, is that my instructor hasn’t used, talked about, or even referred to either the textbook or the film in class…and we just took our midterm. Instead, we get xeroxed copies of word sheets and exercises that she’s been using for years that kind of parallel the textbook, but in no particular order. So, good luck to the student who happens to miss a class; this particular instructor claims to never remember what was handed out in previous classes and to throw all extra copies in the trash on the way out the door.

So to make la limonada out of los limones I’ve been working through the textbook and film on my own. It’s easy enough to do. I already paid the ridiculous amount for the book, and the film is available at the library and on YouTube thanks to burningchisox.

Here’s the first episode of the film. I’ll add my own comments later.

Episodio 1Episodio 2Episodio 3Episodio 4Episodio 5Episodio 6,Episodio 7Episodio 8, Episodio 9