Sol y viento (episodio 2) : Jaime’s Turbine of Amor

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For exercise (ejercicio), Jaime journeys into the subconscious to meet his spirit guide…or maybe instead he jogs in Parque Forestal and runs into an organ grinder that happens to look just like a Mapuche spirit. It’s your call. The grinder’s trained bird pitches un papelito de la suerte at Jaime with the fortune “el amor es un torbellino” written on it. But before he can read it, he must first pay and run into destiny–la Profesora María Sánchez. The former gives us a chance to practice our numbers. Jaime dimly asks if it’s tres pesos when the spirit…er, organ grinder raises three fingers. No, Señor Talavera, son trescientos pesos. But Jaime is so unfamiliar with Chilean currency–which he’s clearly been using since he has change in his pocket and tipped the bellboy earlier–he needs a fashionable muchacho to count 300 out for him. In reality, it’s just for our ignorant benefit I’m sure.


After roughly bumping into María, Jaime quickly learns that she’s a lickity split kind of gal. He blinks; she’s gone. He chases her down after finding her business card; she bolts. She does let him carry her books for her eventually though. Apparently, Jaime and María aren’t as much a businessman and a college professor as two high school students. Anyway, the happy couple runs into Mario, and Jaime is running late for his “tourist trip” to Valle del Maipo. Though she doesn’t want a ride from the boys, María is interested to hear why Jaime is headed to Maipo, where she leads her excavation. Is he really a tourist? Or is he headed to Maipo for negocio? Little does each other know that he is actually…and she is really…well, I guess we’ll all discover that later. Either way, Mario knows whats up: “¡Bonita la muchacha, don Jaime!” Glad to know that our working-class hero is maintaining professionalism in the workplace.


4 responses to “Sol y viento (episodio 2) : Jaime’s Turbine of Amor

  1. you are hilarious. great writing style. pleasure to read

  2. I’m using this to study for my exam which has 40 t/f questions over Sol y Viento and you made it so much more enjoyable. Thanks!

  3. Just wanted to say thank you so much for this plot overview. My teacher plays these videos in class and I can barely understand them. I wish there were subtitles for all the videos in Spanish because hearing a new language is difficult for beginners. Thanks a bunch! Will help me pass my test.

  4. Your blog has been so helpful! I am taking this class fully online. I love reading your perspective on the material. ” Jaime and María aren’t as much a businessman and a college professor as two high school students.”

    That comment led to a laugh in the middle of this tedious homework!